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Overhaul Of Electro-Hydraulic Fuel Control Valves

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Overhaul & Test Of Gas Turbine Fuel Control Valves And Auxillary Components

Reman Europe is located in Dublin, Ireland, and provide overhaul and test services for gas turbines valves and associated equipment. We have been ISO certified since 2007.

We are an exclusive distributor for Young & Franklin Inc in Western Europe. Specialists in electro-hydraulic control valves for the oil and gas industries, with an installed base on GE heavy-duty Gas Turbines across Europe supporting Power Generation and Gas Compression Plants.

We are the only factory-authorized workshop in Western Europe for the repair of Young and Franklin Gas Turbine Fuel control products. We service and sell all the auxiliary components on a gas turbine including products such as Fuel Control Gas Valves, Liquid Fuel Valves, Ratcheting sequencing valves, bypass valves, Stop Valves, Inlet Guide Vane Actuators and fluid flow dividers.

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We Specialise in the following Products.


Young & Franklin

Young & Franklin Inc. (YF) is a US manufacturer of precision, high quality valves & actuators for the industrial gas turbine market. Original equipment manufacturers and asset owners from across the globe look to YF for turbine air and fuel control solutions with the highest quality, durability and reliability.



Jansen’s Aircraft Systems Controls Inc. (JASC) engineers and manufactures servo valves, actuators and fluid control components for power generation, aerospace, space  and research applications. JASC provides practical engineering solutions and consistently delivers high-quality products on time at an affordable price.


Scherzinger Pump Technology

Scherzinger Pump Technology is a family-run company that has specialized in the development and production of high-quality, innovative gear pump solutions in the automotive, chemical, medical, energy and plant engineering sectors for almost 85 years.


Emerson Fisher

Fisher manufacture and sell valves that are combined with the Young and Franklin Actuators or can be sold individually, Fishers’ purge and stop valves are used on today's gas turbines. Reman Europe are an approved overhaul facility for the GT user

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